We provide a full professional service to the highest standards. Both small and large projects receive the same high level of dedication. We have experience in all types of project and keep up to date with latest trends and do the necessary research whenever needed.

Apart from Architecture we also do Project Management.

We are registered to prepare diagrams for sectional title registrations.


Field of Specialisation

Due to the nature of work available in the area the company operates, it is not possible to be selective and to choose only certain types of projects. It is the policy of the company to service the community no matter the size or nature of the assignment. Although the company does not specialise in certain areas we do have extensive experience in virtually all types of projects.



Firm has the experience and training to provide a full professional service. Both small and large projects receive the same high level of dedication. We have the experience to take on any type of project. Should the occasional less known project come by, we do the necessary research.

Our field of expertise includes the following:

  • Knowledge to assist the Client in assessing his needs and compiling an accommodation list.
  • Survey of existing and obtaining all relevant information.
  • Design: We believe in designing buildings of excellence that will enhance the client’s image and the quality of the surrounding environment. Buildings must be sound and well constructed in such a way to ensure minimum maintenance. We strive to find the most economical way to provide the accommodation without compromising on quality. This means ensuring that the client invests his hard earned money in the most effective way.
  • Documentation: We strive to provide complete documentation to limit extra unexpected costs and to ensure a good quality final product. Inspection and administration: We have the knowledge to ensure strict financial and quality control.
  • We are intensively involved with emerging contractors and go out of our way to provide them with guidance and training although the latter is not included in our normal duties.



Experience is not only limited to work done during the existence of the firm but includes work done by the managing director during a career spanning 30 years. (Note items stated in the plural means that several projects of this nature were executed. To name all will take up to much space.)

Government Projects

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Defence force installations
  • Police Stations
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Hostels
  • Art Centres
  • Multi purpose halls
  • Technical College
  • Magistrate's offices

Private Commissions

  • Residential: Houses, Flats, Cluster housing
  • Shopping centres
  • Office blocks including high-rise
  • Churches
  • Funeral parlours
  • Service stations
  • Factories
  • Holiday resorts

Supplementary Services

  • Space audits for government departments
  • Member of advisory committees: Venda Aesthetic Committee and Secretariat to the Committee, Venda Space and Cost norm Committee, Thohoyandou Re-planning Committee.



Our People

David Craig - Architect and Managing Member

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